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My Path and My Work

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We're providing a healthy sense of love and unity within the community, all inclusive to everyone. "Come one, come all. "..

Unity In The Community!


O.ver V.iolence E.ducational G.roup


Founder DeChe' A Washington 


We also have an annual event called "From tha hood to tha hood" , usually located in the Central Area of Seattle Wa, that consist of backpack and school supplies, haircuts & braids, Food & drinks, double dutch, bouncy houses, face paints, picture booth, basketball tournaments, a variety of vendors and organizations, clothing drive, computer's, raffle tickets for clothes and gifts, live music entertainment, and performances. Our annual "From tha hood to tha hood" T-shirts as well. ALL FREE to the community.. This year will mark the 19th year of our event and we are continuously growing! OUR GOAL is to have a strong healthy impact, and also make a difference by strengthening bonds, sharing resources ,demonstrating a positive image of solidarity, and togetherness, good energy also net working, and connecting with others to shape the social structure dynamics through unification within the community!.. THANK YOU 😊 


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Life Over Violence Educational Group! We are for You!


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